Interior Style: Minimalism

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If you are tired of chaos and commotion and dream of an organized space, then minimalism can be an excellent solution. We will tell you about the features and key characteristics of this style.

Minimalism in interior design entails the creation of a maximally open yet functional space. This style is characterized by:

◽️ Minimal decoration and accessories.

◽️ The use of light shades and contrasting black and gray.

◽️ Space zoning.

◽️ Preference for natural materials.

◽️ Maximum functionality of all items.

Furniture in the minimalist style is distinguished by its simplicity, clean lines, and clear forms.

  • Storage systems play a significant role, with a preference for hidden solutions.
  • Built-in appliances are prioritized.
  • The use of simple geometric shapes in furniture.
  • Absence of decorative elements and external hardware.
  • Monochromatic color palette.

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