Invisible Advantage: Euro Cut

Invisible Advantage: Euro Cut - Custom-made furniture Tbilisi (Georgia)i. Kitchen, wardrobe. office furniture, furniture design, interior design.  - Фото chto-takoe-evrozapil-stoleshnicy-i-kak-ego-sdelat-11-300x200

Ordering a “P-shaped” or corner kitchen with a “peninsula,” you may wonder whether the countertop made of multiple segments will be perfect. We have a simple answer for you – it will be! Thanks to the Euro cut technology.

Why is the Euro Cut better than a joint plate?

The perfect connection of countertop segments is calculated on high-quality equipment.

Unmatched moisture resistance: at the production stage, the exposed areas of moisture-resistant particleboard are treated with two layers of alkyd adhesive, then, during assembly, the Euro cut is coated with two layers of polyurethane sealant, and only after that are the segments joined with special clamps.

Aesthetic and hygienic: the almost imperceptible joint on the surface of the countertop looks impeccable and ensures cleanliness.

If you are still contemplating whether to create a non-linear configuration kitchen, cast your doubts aside! The Euro cut technology guarantees the quality of the connection and the excellent appearance of the countertop.

Our specialists will always help you create the kitchen of your dreams; they will select all the components and accessories according to your individual preferences. Just leave a request on our page.

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