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Custom Upholstered Furniture Manufacturing in Tbilisi and Georgia

Personalized Custom Upholstered Furniture – Unique Solutions for Your Home

Welcome to Furniture I AM – the best company for crafting custom upholstered furniture in Tbilisi and Georgia. If you’re looking for a truly individual and high-quality solution for your home, our team of experts will help turn your dreams into reality.

The Ordering Process – Simplicity and Comfort

Step 1: Consultation and Planning

Our experienced designers and craftsmen start the process of creating unique furniture by carefully listening to your ideas and preferences. We consider all the details to ensure the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Step 2: Design Development

Based on your wishes and concepts, our designers create sketches and 3D models of the future furniture. You’ll have the opportunity to make adjustments and approve the final design.

Step 3: Material Selection

We offer a wide range of high-quality materials that match your needs and budget. Together, we’ll choose the optimal fabrics and finishes to create a unique piece of upholstered furniture.

Step 4: Manufacturing and Assembly

Once the design and materials are approved, our craftsmen begin crafting the upholstered furniture. We use modern equipment and closely monitor each stage of production to guarantee high quality and exact compliance with your expectations.

Step 5: Delivery and Installation

We provide delivery and installation services for your new furniture. Our team of professionals will ensure that everything is installed correctly and ready for use.

Quality and Guarantees

Furniture I AM takes pride in its impeccable quality and dedication to customer satisfaction. All our custom upholstered furniture undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure long-term durability and comfortable use.
If you want to refresh your interior with unique custom upholstered furniture, Furniture I AM is ready to bring your ideas to life. We offer a wide range of design solutions and guarantee the quality of every detail. Contact us today to start the process of creating your dream cozy and stylish home.

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