ZBM 3399 ANT


Common features

Surface Type: gas
Furnace type: electric
Color: anthracite
Fittings color: silver

Management type: mechanical
Programmer: analog

Number of comforts: 5
Power front left: 3 kW.
Front right: 1 kW.
Rear left: 1.75 kW.
Rear right: 1.75 kW.
Central WOK: 3.6 kW.
Ithura: ifji
Electrical read: Yes

Multifunctional oven: yes
Capacity: 94 L.
Lighting: yes
Heating mode

Number of functions: 8
Cooling: yes
Upper-lower burning: yes
Convention (circular burning): yes
Grill: yes
Great grill: yes
Turbogirl: yes
Sub-unit element: yes
Cleaning: traditional

Gas control: yes
Number of doors: 3
Technical characteristics

Height: 96 CM.
Width: 90 cm.
Depth: 70 cm.

Enameled platter: yes
Chromed grille: yes
Telescopic heads: 2 levels
Chrome heads: yes
Tray for dishes: yes
Advanced options

Removable glass door: yes
Gray color inner enamel: yes
Manufacturer country: Italy

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