Recommendations for Choosing a Cooktop

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Bright aroma, flavor nuances, the joy of loved ones – cooking at home like a professional kitchen can be done by everyone! It all comes down to inspiration and the right choice of appliances. Creativity is personal, but we can certainly help you choose the cooktop.

Our simple and detailed guide will handle this task without any problems. The cooktop should suit your cooking style and lifestyle.

  • Ceramic Glass. Even and fast heating allows for quick cooking. The perfectly smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze. And the elegant appearance and intuitive touch control panel are the icing on the cake.
  • Gas. Excellent temperature control – instant adjustments are perfect for lovers of fried dishes, plus it saves electricity.
  • Induction. The pinnacle of kitchen evolution: style, comfort, and safety. A special magnet heats the cookware, not the panel itself. The perfect choice for active parents: even when the burner is on, the surface remains cool. The only difference with induction cooktops is that you need to use special cookware.

Choose your home appliances wisely. Our specialists can help you navigate the variety of brands and models.

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