Three Pillars of the Perfect Kitchen

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The kitchen is a multifunctional space. Here we cook, eat, relax with a cup of tea, and entertain guests. Therefore, when creating an interior that should not only be practical but also reflect your individuality, it should be approached with care. Solving this interesting but not easy task can be divided into three stages.

  1. Project Development: Before choosing the right kitchen model, ordering furniture and appliances, it is necessary to understand how the environment will look. To do this, a project is created based on the measurements of the room. When designing the future kitchen, a specialist takes into account its architectural and technical features, as well as the owner’s wishes. Everything necessary is considered: the dimensions of windows, windowsills, doors, and radiators, the placement of outlets, and plumbing systems.
  2. Formulating a Plan: If you want to achieve a harmonious combination of functionality and the individual style of the room, and implement your own preferences, it is recommended to opt for custom kitchen manufacturing. We recommend determining in advance the most important characteristics of the kitchen for you, making a list of interior elements that you would like to see in the updated space. You should think about where to store frequently used kitchen utensils in which cabinet, and what will be kept in drawers or on shelves.

Taking into account all these nuances and details, the technician will formulate the formula for your ideal kitchen.

  1. Material Selection: The furniture structure consists of two parts:
    • The frame, hidden from view and serving as the foundation.
    • The facade, the “face of the kitchen,” its outer part.

The material from which the construction elements are made should be highly resistant to mechanical influences and, at the same time, aesthetically pleasing.

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